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Thanks to the Agoric team for the wonderful help and documentation.

The overall experience was really good we all testnet participants enjoyed it a lot. Late night and early morning sync ups for emergency updates and time-based tasks all.

A few of my mistakes taught me to be more careful while resetting the validator. Especially during the emergency update task 5. I built the new software but did not stop the validator due to this my validator got jailed for the double sign but it helped to vote for 67% genesis consensus block generation start. Later I have we reinstall…

Thanks to the Agoric team for maintaining a clean version of the installation guide. This helped me a lot with setting up the container environment for myself and sharing it with others.

There are 2 parts

  • Docker image creation
  • Docker compose to start the container

Docker image

I have built a docker image and pushed it to the public docker registry for others to use it. Click here

note: Agoric version sdk@2.14.0

If you want to use a different Agoric SDK version or looking to build your own docker image, please reuse Dockerfile I have committed if you want to…

Asif J.

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